Working with Wire and Chain

Eventually you may want to incorporate wire into your designs if you don't already. If you want to work with chain you will also need to learn some wire-wrapping techniques. I like to make my own ear wires, too, and my Wig Jig comes in very handy for that! The wig jig site listed below should have every wire-wrapping instruction that you could ever want to know.


Deliastone - has tutorials for purchase.

Making Bead Chain - tutorial on how to make a beaded chain.

Wirework Projects from Beadage - nice selection of wirework projects.

How to form a simple loop Video - from Art Beads.

How to make a wrapped loop video - From Art Beads.

Beads, Jewelry Tools, Wire, and Jewelry Making Supplies by Wigjig - Over 2,800 free web pages with designs and instructions for making jewelry with beads, jewelry wire & gemstones. Online store for purchase of beads, jewelry tools, wire and jewelry making supplies.

Wire Suppliers

Parawire - this supplier has great prices on wire. I've purchased from them both online and at the Bead & Button show.


Metalsmiths in Action - a group of Etsy Metalsmiths with a site dedicated to working with metals.

IInformation about Metals

Beader's Guide to Metals, From Firemountain Gems - Learn the different types of metals most jewelry components are made from.


I love to use chain in my designs. I've been experimenting lately with some base metal chains I picked up at Joann Fabrics. Most are by Blue Moon. The designs I've made with them have been very popular! Here are some links for chain suppliers.

Chain Gallery - this shop had a booth at the Bead & Button show and we were impressed with their reasonable prices.


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