The Business Of Beads

Once you start selling your jewelry it becomes a business. Some beaders might balk at that statement. But it's my hobby, not a business! And as soon as it becomes a business, I'm going to find it a chore and won't want to do it anymore! Well, maybe that's true for some people, I don't know. But you need to face the facts - if you are trying to get paid for your creations - it is a business. It might still be your favorite hobby, but it is still a business. And once it becomes a business, you need to think about it from a new perspective.

I guess I don't see it as a chore because I really love to make jewelry. And I also love to get PAID to make jewelry. It was so cool to be at a show this past November and see a woman come up to the table wearing the necklace that she bought from me the previous year. How cool! I also come from a long line of creative people - making "stuff" is in my blood. And ever since I started making "stuff" I also tried to sell it. Luckily I had a mom and grandma who made crafts and had booths in craft fairs. I started helping them with them at the age of probably 12. I look back and laugh at some of the stuff I used to make and sell (and a few people actually bought it, which is even funnier) but it was that first experience with selling my wares that has inspired me and kept me at it to this day. Every time I discover a new craft I'll make one of them, and then think, "hey, I could try to sell these."

Now that you've decided sell your jewelry designs you need to make sure you are legit. You will probably want to get a business name, and you will also need a seller's permit as well as charging your customers sales tax and sending in your annual sales tax returns to your state. I came across a website called Jewelry Making HQ that already has put together a list so you can look up business start-up information for your particular state. Be sure to check it out so you know what you need to do to start your jewelry business the right way. The The State Tax Business List.

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