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Are you a beginner looking for help with techniques? Are you an expert in a certain stitch? Novice or pro, all are welcome here at the Beader's Resource Guide. And if you ARE a pro in any area, I'd love it if you created a page here to help share your knowledge! This site is meant to be an open forum for all who love to bead.

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  • It's free - you can't beat that!
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So, what are you waiting for?

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Rules of This Site

I won't go on and on about rules. Just please be aware that this site is a resource guide for beaders. It is open to anyone with an interest beads, beading supplies, jewelry design, managing and marketing a jewelry business, etc. If you own a bead supply shop, if you run a marketplace, blog, etc. please feel free to participate in this site - add content, links, pages, etc. in the most appropriate place you see fit.

However, If I find that the site gets hijacked and edits or content is added that appears inappropriate, offensive, not in the spirit or intent of the site, or just plain doesn't belong here, I reserve the right to remove it.

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