Your jewelry business will require some tools to help you manage it. You may want to check into software to help you with this. Depending on your background, you may already have some tools at your disposal and can create the forms, files, programs, websites, etc. on your own. For the most part I personally use Excel, Word and Access to maintain my records. However there is other software out there specific to beaders and jewelry designers to help them manage their business.


Bead Manager Pro - Website also offers free E-book.

Jewelry Design Manager - Prices on this software start at $259 for the Deluxe version, but there are other less expensive-versions available. The lowest one is about $90.

Art Affair - Art Affair, $159, and the lower-priced Art Organizer, $24. 95.

Art and Craft Business Organizer - $50

Rexan Craft Organizer - $39.95


Traffic Estimator - Gets estimates of website traffic to website address you key.


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