Setting Up Shop

So, you have your website ready to go….but how are you going to set up payments, etc? There are a ton of shopping cart systems to choose from with a variety of features. Picking one is a challenge! And what about accepting payments? How will your customers pay you? If you don't have a merchant account already (or don't want one) I would highly recommend using Paypal to accept payments for your online jewelry store business. It is very popular, has a lot of features, and it's easy to use. I have never had a problem using Paypal. Many shopping cart systems use it as well. In addition to that there's Google Checkout, which is another popular payment system.


Selling Art Online - Choosing a Shopping Cart - from Crafted Webmaster. Listen to the two 15-minute talk shop episodes for some good information about setting up an online store. Also be sure to download the free e-book on selecting a shopping cart.


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