Get Involved With The BRG

A little history….

This site was born from my desire to have a central location for all of the information I have come across related to beading. Simple bookmarks just weren't enough. I needed more. So it started as a webpage and it was good…


…but it became hard to maintain as I needed my web building software, etc. in order to modify it and some of the pages became rather cumbersome to update…and I just never had the time to keep it up to date. Plus, I really was hoping to get suggestions from other beaders out there to help improve and build upon the resources I had started, but there wasn't a way for me to let anyone interact in that way with the site…

Until I happened to find!

Now I have renewed interest in my brainchild, The Beader's Resource Guide. :) I can edit it from anywhere, plus it's designed as a wiki, so others can edit it too, and I'm hoping this new design will breathe new life into my little guide.

That's Where YOU Come In! Become a Content Contributor of the Beader's Resource Guide.

I know there are many talented beaders out there with a lot of knowledge and ideas to share. This site is and probably always will be a work in progress. I'm adding information as I can, but I truly hope that you will become a member of the site and contribute information as well. As you take a look around the site, you'll notice some of the topics are lacking, and I could use some assistance building the resources. And I'm sure there are also topics that I'm missing as well, so please feel free to add them - create new pages, etc. in the most appropriate place you can find.

The sidebar on the left is meant to be a high-level menu of the resources available here, arranged by topic. Visiting one of the links through the menu will take you further within the resources, where there are additional pages for all of the topics. You'll see how I have added links to the pages via the high-level menu links. I would like to keep this same concept going with any new pages that are created, so be sure to add a link to your new page when you create a new topic.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License