You've decided to set up shop on Etsy? Well you're in good company. You're also in luck, since it's the most popular handmade site out there and there are a lot of resources for you to help make selling on Etsy a success. Here are some I've come across.

PS: You don't necessarily need to be on Etsy to get a benefit from checking out some of this information. Some of it may be generic enough that it can be applied to other venues.


Business Minded - e-books for setting up a successful Etsy shop. Also offers other PR and business e-books. I may have to break down and get one of these just to check it out!

The Buzz - e-books to help you create a successful Esty shop. Bills itself as the #1 e-book. I haven't read either of them so I'll let you decide!

Etsy Hacks - apps created by a husband helping his wife manage her business on Etsy.

Fine Tooth Comb -Etsy Shop Hair Problems (and what to do about them) free e-book from Fine Tooth Comb blog

Full Time Etsy Crafters - blog for Etsy sellers.

Handmade Compete - useful tools to enhance your Etsy shop.


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