Craft Marketplaces

Most of us know about the Three E's - Ebay, Etsy, Ecrater….. but there are a whole lot more places to sell your jewelry. If you're going to sell your jewelry on a marketplace you have a lot of sites to choose from and a big decision to make. There aren't a whole lot of differences between them - a few are completely free, some charge listing fees, some charge commission, some charge both. I'm listing below a very high level description about the marketplaces - basically fee info and whatever benefit information I can gleen from their FAQs. etc., so be sure to check out their site for all the details and guidelines to determine which ones works best for you, your budget and your jewelry business.

Personally I have tried Ebay, Etsy and Ecrater. I did sell a few items on Ebay, but it's very hard to stand out there and I haven't tried that venue in a very long time. Plus their fee structures change. I also had a shop on Etsy. I sold nothing there, but have heard from other people that they do well. It's a very well-known craft marketplace. I am currently on Ecrater. It's a little lesser known, but it's FREE (and I'm all about free!) and if I'm going to list jewelry and not sell it, I'd rather do so without fees. ;) I had never heard of Ecrater before. It seems to be getting more known.

Traffic to the site is obviously a major factor in how you'll do on a marketplace. When you check the link, look around, see how many people are selling there, and if it looks like the ARE selling. Once you find a few that you are interested, sign up for a free membership at and compare the number of visitors to get a current idea of which one is getting the most traffic. This is the site I used to add the Visitor info to my descriptions…but these numbers will eventually become outdated. I'm listing them in order of monthly visits (not unique visits, so it would include people coming back to the site) so the most popular/most visited are listed at the top.

Keep in mind that even if a site is free, at the time of checkout, if you use PayPal (which most stores use) or Google checkout, etc., you will incur some processing fees.

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