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This is the first blog post I'm writing for my re-launch of the Beader's Resource Guide!!! (Please bear with me because I'm still experimenting with the code of the blog feature!) I've spent a lot of time over the past few weeks revamping this site. All of the same information from the previous site has been included, in addition to updating a few of the pages and adding a few new ones.

This time - it's totally interactive! Every page has a spot for comments, and I truly welcome them! The site is now built on a wiki platform, so as long as you become a member of the site, you'll be able to update the pages and help me add to the content and enhance this site into something more.

There's still a lot of info I want to put out here on the Beader's Resource Guide. It's getting the time to work on it more. Right now I've got my "beading mojo" back and so I've been busy beading (and selling jewelry, woohoo!) in my spare time and not spending as much time online.

Please, please, fellow beaders, join the site and contribute! Post comments, talk on the forum. If you have experiences with anything I've mentioned within the site and want to share your comments, I'd love to have them. If your a novice looking for help, just ask! If you're an expert in something and want to share it, please join in!

I'm open to suggestions for other pages, etc. for the site. It's a living, breathing work in progress and I'm hoping to expand it into the best beader's reference guide on the web! :) (Lofty goal, I know!) :)

Thanks for taking the time to read and check out the Beader's Resource Guide!

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