I admittedly know very little about bead stitching. I've made one or two bracelets that were needlework after taking a class at my local bead shop. And that's the extent of my needlework experience, aside from a few ladder-stitched items. So this is my meager list on beadweaving resources. Please let me know if you know of some good resources to add!


Beads for Brains Blog - This is a great blog. The author is doing a 365 day challenge, learning a stitch or a technique every day. I give her credit for taking up this type of challenge!

Basic Beading Stitches from - nice selection of beading stitches, plus other articles at

Beadweaving for Beginners - All about beadweaving.

Beltana's Beads Tutorials - Peyote, Spinal Rope chain, tubular net, brick stitch tutorials.

E-mail Beading Courses from - Peyote, various stitches, beaded earrings and more.

The Sage's Encyclopeida - Basic Rope, Daisy Chain, Peyote Stitch, Herringbone Weave and St. Petersburg chain tutorials, as well as several others.

Sage's Cupboard - Beaded Beads Projects

Guide to Beading Threads

Guide to Beadwork - an online bead primer

Bead - site dedicated to bead crochet

Beading Techniques from - a few tutorials on bead stitches and loom work

Beadweaving Basics

Beadwrangler Samplers - history of beading, stitches, techniques

Video and Prin Tutorials - from Beads East

Beading Classroom - from Whim Beads - tutorials for several stitches

Perle4u - a German site but some is in English. This page goes directly to the free tutorials page.


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