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Recommended Magazines to inspire you

Once in a while you need to turn to a good book or magazine to find information about beading! Here are some of my favorite magazines. Keep in mind that if you are making jewelry to sell that you cannot copy designs straight from a magazine and sell it. The design is copyrighted by the designer. I use my magazine subscriptions for tips, ideas and inspiration.

Bead and Button - Bead and Button to me is THE definitive magazine for beaders.

Beadwork - Beadwork is a nice magazine. A lot of the designs are more stitching/needlework based now. If that is your specialty, this is a great magazine to subscribe to. If you are just starting out or more interested in stringing, etc. try one or 2 of the other magazines below.

Art Jewelry - I believe this used to be called Lapidary Journal. It's definitely geared towards Jewelry Artists, and the designs are pretty advanced and require more than just stringing skills, tools and supplies. Interesting if you want to branch out into making your own jewelry components, etc.

Step by Step Wire - If you like working with wire or are just getting started adding more wire to your designs, this is a great resource.

BeadStyle - this is one of my favorites. There's always a variety of designs and patterns.

Stringing - this is another one of my favorites.

Bead Unique - I don't subscribe to this one, but it looks interesting.

Books on Jewelry - E-books

Once in a while you need to turn to a good book to find information about beading! Here are some books you can find online about jewelry and starting your jewelry business.

Jewelry Design and Jewelry Business E-Books

Tips for Your Home Jewelry Business Success - Free e-book from the makers of Bead Manager Pro.

The Complete Bead Guide - The Complete Bead Guide Answers All Your Questions About Beads, Beading And Beadwork And Is The Ideal Ebook For Beginners & Experienced Bead Lovers! Bonuses Include Free Gold Membership To - The Net's Leading Online Beading Community!

Jewelry Selling Secrets, Start a Jewelry & Craft Business From Home. Kameron Kay Shows You The Insider Secrets To Making Jewelry & Crafts And Selling Them To Boutiques, Shops, Artist Fairs, Bead Shops, And More. Perfect Part Time Job And Income For Stay At Home Moms, College Students, Or Anyone Wanting To Make Extra Money.

Beading Secrets - For Those New To The Hobby Of Beading, Step By Step Instructions, Hints And Ideas To Make The Experience An Enjoyable One.

Beading for Beginners. A Visual Guide To Beading Techniques.

The Ultimate Bead Lovers Guide. A Comprehensive Guide To Beading, Covering Techniques And Styles Of Beading With Loads Of Clear Illustrations.

Bead Jewelry Profits. Learn How To Quickly And EE-Bead Jewelry Business, Even If You Are A Complete Newbie.

Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth. Secrets Of Selling Handcrafted Jewelry Like Crazy At Shows, Fairs, And Festivals.

Wire Work Secrets for Jewelry Makers: Make That Wire Behave! Pro Jewelry Making Tips, Techniques, And Secrets To Quickly End Frustration With Wire Work. 50% Commission - Very Profitable Niche. Based On Hundred Of Questions Gathered From Passionate Hobbyists Looking For Solutions To Wire Frustrations.

Start Your Own Jewelry Part Business. Start Your Own Home Based Jewelry Business With This Easy Step-by-step Guide!

Secrets of a Handcrafted Jewelry Shopping Service. The Secrets Of Selling Your Handcrafted Jewelry In A Profitable New Way. How To Sell Your One Of A Kind Jewelry Designs To Customers Who Are Very Willing To Buy From You Again And Again.


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