Bead Swap

Well, as a bead addict I do have to admit that I've got some beads laying around that I bought and never used and probably will never ever use. But it sure is hard to part with a bead! It's a little better though if you know someone else is going to be able to use them. That's where my idea for Bead Swap comes in.

Bead Swapping will be handled on the Beader's Resource Guide social network, which you can access [] here. In order to participate you will need to become a member of the BRG social network and set up your member profile. (Unfortunately I can't embed it within this site.)

Now, bear with me since this is basically my first attempt at trying something like this. I have 2 ideas for Bead Swapping:

Individual Trading

Individual trading would mean going through your stash and find some unwanted beads. Take photos of what you would like to trade. Find a partner in the Bead Swap group and exchange information so that you can mail each other the beads.

Traveling Bead Swap

This one could be interesting. We'd get several participants who choose a few items to trade. I would start a box and send the items to the first person on the list. They would add their items to the box, and select up to the same number of items they put in. Then the box would be sent to the next person…and so on, and finally make its way back to me.

Both of these methods would be completely on the honor system. We'd be sharing personal contact information, etc. and relying on each other to make the trades in a timely fashion. But I think they could both be fun ways of de-stashing and getting rid of those extra, unwanted beads!

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