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Everyone gravitates to certain colors. Sometimes I need to stop myself before buying another strand of green or blue beads since I'm always bringing home similar items. I'd love to experiment more with color as I always appreciate when I see other designs with unique color combinations and think "why didn't I do that?" These sites should come in handy for learning to experiment with color in your jewelry designs.


General Info About Color - basic info about color

Interactive Color Wheel from Firemountain Gems - nice feature from Firemountain gems and good information about color

Using the Color Wheel to Create Stunning Combinations - Very good information on using the color wheel. Check out the links under "Color Schemes." What's cool is how they show the wheel and then a sample jewelry item made using the colors.


Kuler - One morning I wasted a lot of time playing around with this site. But it was just too addicting sitting there playing with different color combinations. One of the neat features was to turn a picture into a color scheme. I thought this could be useful in coming up with new ways to come up with interesting color schemes for jewelry.

Colour Lovers - another sit similar to Kuler, although this one is more connected with fashion and design.

One last idea, and now I've forgotten where I saw this, but I saw a jewelry designer post a photo of a design she had made and said it was inspired by a Van Gogh painting. At first I thought, what? And then I realized what she had done and thought oh, what a cool idea! Experiment with color in your jewelry designs by selecting a masterpiece and choosing a few colors from it as your beading palette. What an interesting idea. Here is a website to see some of Van Gogh's art - but of course you could use any painting and any artist you chose….even your own photography would do!


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