About Beads

Beads beads beads! Information on beads themselves!


An Encyclopedia of Beads - All about beads

Bead University - From A Grain of Sand. Excellent Resource on gemstones, findings and more.

Beads Per Hank - from Firemountain Gems.

Birthstones- from Fusion Beads

Gem Notes - information about gemstones from Firemountain Gems.

Seed Bead Finishes - from Firemountain Gems.

Seed Bead Sizes - from Firemountain Gems.

Shape Chart - for gems, beads and pearls, from Firemountain Gems.

Beads Per Strand - from Firemountain Gems.

Mechants Overseas - has what I think is the best resource info on crystals - color charts, sizes, shapes, etc.

The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom- Information about Minerals and Gemstones


Weddings and Anniversaries - From Artbeads.com. Good list to keep onhand…I never can remember what these are.


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